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I’ve Got Nothing

It’s not that I have nothing to say.  I’m just not sure how to say what I’ve been wanting to say.

I’m finding myself in kind of a strange season right now – I’ve been internalizing a lot, but experiencing a lack of words to express that with which I am wrestling.





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We had a rather brief but interesting discussion on the topic of transparency this past weekend in my Youth Ministry class down at ATS.  Dr. Garrett made some interesting comments as he handed back our first set of reflection papers for the course:

  • First, he commended us and expressed his personal grattitude for the transparency with which the papers had been written.  He said that more people in the world should strive for such transparency.
  • Then, he cautioned us about the unfortunate reminder that while he values our transparency, most Christians consider such transparency to be a sign of great weakness.

I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty transparent person, but Dr. Garrett’s comments did lead me into some thought and reflection about how transparent I really am.  Simply having a “blog” or website is often considered a sign of transparency, especially one that gets as personal in nature as this one often does.  Still, there are areas of my life about which I am not completely transparent.  Why are there things that I still hide? I don’t want to be perceived as weak.

It’s an interesting discussion.  I’m definitely in the camp that thinks we should always err on the side of openness and transparency, but I also find myself to be keenly aware of other people’s perceptions of me.  The way I present myself kind of reminds me of that frosted glass that they put on windows in bathroom – it’s clear enough that light shines through and you can sort of make out what’s on the inside, but still cloudy enough that you can’t see all the details.

This is probably something that God and I need to be working out.  After all, until I can be fully transparent before Him, I’ll never be fully transparent before the people around me.

What do you think?  Is transparency a sign of weakness?

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